Friday, May 29, 2009

I just love my son!

It all started this afternoon when I went to the grocery store, I decided on this very delectable apple pie. If you know me, I love hot apple pie a-la-mode....mmm.. Anyways, as I walked through the front door with this pie and a couple other groceries, I was attacked by my 3yr old son. In some strange way he imagined that I bought this pie for him, there is only one problem, it contained peanuts and he is allergic to peanuts, so we think. (He has yet to be tested, but that's another story). It was very hard for me but I had to clearly explain to him that this pie contained peanuts and he couldn't have any...I felt so bad for him because this pie looked Absolutely Scrumptious! So gooey and oozing with caramel!

Okay, so it may not have looked that pleasing to the eye, but it was a treat to look forward to. So, after begging and pleading with his mommy I gave him a couple other options and like always, he choose the "surprise" option..I told him when he finished his dinner I would give him a surprise of something he just loves.. He sat and waited so patiently, that's so unlike him...

After he was done with his dinner, I told him to remain in his high chair (I know, a high chair at 3, yes!) and I would then give him his surprise. As he sat there waiting, I told him to face the TV, close his eyes and open his mouth...this is what he got.

Yup, nothing like fresh whip cream straight from the can! He really enjoy it and had so much fun! I love my son and try not to give him many sweets or items with sugar. He has very bad eczema and he gets extremely hyper after eating things that contain sugar. I enjoy the time we get to spend together, since the twins were born he and I get very little quality time and I miss it. Although I so truly love my twin girls, it is very hard work and time consuming. As many of my reader with multiples know, it's a challenge! He and I enjoyed our evening together, the twins were in bed early, I bathed him then he sat and watched TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) until he feel asleep.

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