Saturday, November 7, 2009

Whats New??

Wanna know what's new here at Faith Baby???

Faith Baby has brought back the fun of the Old Fashioned Ruffled Diaper Cover with a whimsical twist, and we're calling them Heavenly Bloomers. Our Heavenly Baby Bloomers have an abundant of fluffy ruffles, front and back which makes them the perfect diaper/panty cover and are truly precious. They're soft, lightweight and comfortable! These baby bloomer diaper covers are perfect for portraits, look great underneath a dress or darling all by their self. Available in an array of colors, in cooler weather they look adorable with leggings or tights, take a look at them for yourself....

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Kama said...

Just found you from The Diaper Diaries and I love your items! They are so cute. I was just writing to her that I have a 13 month old son and am due with a not-yet-know-gendered baby right after Christmas, so I sent your link to the grandparents hoping that we'd get some cute shirts out of it! I love the bloomers, but since we don't have a girl...we'll just have to wait. Super cute stuff. I love the sayings!!!! MATERNITY wear next????? :) That would rock my socks!