Friday, July 10, 2009

"Finally Friday" or "Friday Already"

It's Friday and I really can't decide...Is it "Finally Friday" or Is it "Friday Already"..hmmm.

Boy this week has been very long, yet, so short and never enough time. What has been really going on around here?

We've been super swamped this week. Due to many requests, we've been preparing for the launch of our new Youth Tee's. We'll have a few designs available on our website soon, here's a sneak peek!

Also, coming soon are our wide headbands with flowers. Some of which will coordinate with our tee's and onesies.

Some won't cordinate with our clothing, but are just adorable....

Yay, Finally! as many of you would say. Please, don't forget to sign up for our mailing so you'll be the first to hear about their arrival.

With that being said, business has been tremendously busy around here, not to mention all 3 babes have been sick. Tuesday June 30th, I took the twins to the Dr. and as suspected Dr. C said it is just their teething. There was really nothing she could do for them.

As Wednesday approached, right before the holiday weekend, Josh started a fever, I carried him to the Dr., she said, not sure, he is probably just fighting off a bug.

Then Monday rolls around and before you know it, I'm hauling all 3 back to the pediatricians office. Come to find out, they all have head colds. Josh was given cough medicine and the twins were given Albuterol for wheezing.

Here they are as we were on our way out.

Yup, today is Friday and they are feeling much better, a little bit of congestion still with runny noses; They love to roam in their playroom.

Now if all this isn't enough my babies are very light sleepers. They take 10 minute power naps and then run for quite a few hours, they've done this since they were born. My 3 1/2 year old son did away with his nap a year ago. As for me, here I sit, falling asleep, trying to blog and make sense of it all... But through it all, I am so happy to be a mommy with such a loving and blessed family and business. Thank you Lord! and to you, all of our fans, we appreciate every single one of you and pray that all of your needs are met! Have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Blessings. Thank you for support the MckLinky. This is just my second week to participate it and am enjoying meeting new MOMS in the blogosphere. I grabbed your button and am following you. I write to encourage MOMS in the fine art of Christian mothering. Please stop by when you have a "free moment" for a dose of encouragement. Until your little family is old enough to rise up and call you BLESSED, allow me! Blessings, sweet momma!
Jean Stockdale