Monday, June 22, 2009

A Little Fathers Day Fun

What a Nice and Beautiful weekend it was here is Southern California. OH how my son loves the water.. Whether it be fishing, swimming or just plain running through the water he can't get enough, so daddy and Joshie had a little water fun on Fathers Day.

The twins and I stayed inside most of the day and I got a little rest after visiting grandpa and grandma. I did manage to take a peek outside at my bouganvilla, which to my surprise is coming around nicely this year. I enjoy gardening and love to see the beauty of blooming flowers.

Daddy has been patiently waiting for his boat to get out of service so he can hit the ocean for some big yellow tail action, and since he is waaay over due for some that he and Joshie have been spending a lot of time together lately at the lake catching one little fish at a time..

No matter what is on their agenda they always seem to enjoy spending time together. I want to thank my husband for being such a wonderful daddy, he so loves our beautiful children. The love he shows them is truly a blessing not only to them but to me. So Happy Fathers Day, we love you daddy!