Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let's Face it!

I know! I Know! I'm very bad at blogging everyday...and yes, I must confess, I am no expert at writing. My thoughts are many but my words are few.. Today I'll be brief, just a few things going on around here, other than business as usual.

(1)The twins turned 8months on June 22nd and I haven't updated their photo, it's coming soon.

(2)We've been a little under the weather, yuck! I do not like being sick, and extremely dislike seeing my kids sick, but thank the Good Lord there is no fever and we have a dr's visit this afternoon.

(3)Love Love the new MckLinky system I signed up for last week. I can't wait to use it soon. Come to find out MckMama (one of my favorite blogs, as if it's not your fav also) and Brent Riggs , (who has this awesome faith filled magazine) co-created this great MckLinky blogging tool. It was Quick, Simple and Easy, and not to mention MckFREE! I mean it literally took me a couple minutes to sign up, I love that in this everyday changing world of technology and that the figures behind it are people Serious about our Most High God! I suppose I'll get around to using it in the next couple of day..

Oh wait! Since it was so super duper easy, and we love easy (yes, I have to admit I do have an easy button) Lets try it out now, drum roll, here it is..

(4) Just give me some "Great Topics & Ideas" that you would like us to blog about here on our FaithBabyBlog, leave them in the "Share your thoughts" comments and feel free to link your blog to mine using the MckLinky system below... It's that simple. You might even win a "be patient, God's not finished with me yet!" Toddler Tee from our line Faith Baby clothing, cause let's face it! God's not finished with me yet! So send all of your friends and family over here so they can have a shot at this cute little tee for their precious one....

(5)And don't forget to check out MckMama's contest on her blog... Now give it a try!

P.S. Contest ends Friday July 3rd at 12noon PST, so keep MckLinky(ing)

WE'VE EXTENDED THIS CONTEST UNTIL MONDAY JULY 6TH DUE TO THE HOLIDAY, So please share your thoughts and enter to win a free Toddler Tee, while getting exposure to your blog by using the new MckLinky system. Thank you and may everyone have a safe holiday, God Bless our country!

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Betsy said...

I am not sure by what you mean hot tips or ideas, maybe you could ask people to blog about home remedies? Check out my blog if you are bored though. I found you through the chance to win a free shirt, waiting to buy until I get some extra. LOVE them though!!