Friday, April 3, 2009


Anthony Noah Rivas is currently in the hospital. He is 3 months old. He is the 4th child to Gus and Diane Rivas and only boy. At 5 days old he had open heart surgery, that was not as much as a success as they would have liked. He is currently at the top of the list for a heart transplant. The doctors are concerned as he is getting worse and no heart is available as of yet. Please pray that a heart becomes available to him, or that miraculously God will heal him, but also pray for the family that will lose their child in order for Anthony to have life. Pray for Gus, Diane and their 3 beautiful girls that God would continue to provide for all their needs and give then peace and comfort.

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OilGirl said...

I will be praying for the little guy and his family! Blessings, Jen