Thursday, April 2, 2009

Faith Baby Giveaway at Kelly's Korner

We always love to hear about Faith Baby fans! We were thrilled when Kelly at Kelly's Korner posted pictures of her little baby girl Harper wearing two different Faith Baby onesies she received as baby gifts -- the "Not Spoiled, Blessed" and "Mommy's Answered Prayers" onesies both brown with pink writing. You can see adorable little Harper sporting her Faith Baby fashions here and here.

In fact, Kelly and Harper are such fans that they are giving one away! Any on you choose.

There's still time to enter the Faith Baby giveaway at Kelly's Korner. Click here for all the details!

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The Pressley's said...

I would like to enter the Faith Baby giveaway in order to give the onesie to a friend who is going through such a diffucult time with infertility. She seems so low right now! Maybe this would give her a little dose of hope. My email address is